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Computalaya Network Pvt. Ltd.

We provide a complete online business solution. From inventing new product to organizing your online businesses.

Contact us for any Web/App Development, Web Hosting, Business Ideas, Strategies & Visions.

We Welcome Every Entrepreneurs Imagination & Vision.

Who Are We

A friend who will thrive along with you.

Our Mission

To help you to create robust & reliable business architecture & organize it digitally.

What We Do

Web/App Development

Domain & Hosting

Digital Marketing

Our history

Working for more than 7 years together, we have acquired a rich knowledge in the field of information & technologies. Our theme is to thrive more for information together & get connected for betterment of each other. We admire the boons of knowledge that any entrepreneurs shares.

Our 6-D process



Discover your business vision with clarity.



Define the scope of your objectives systematically.



Design your vision and thrive more for information.



Develop your imagination into reality.



Deploy for it and get your loyal & worthy customers.



Deliver the business and build a good business ecosystem.

Why choose us?

Best Quality Designs

The first step towards creating high quality designs with embroidery digitizing, is to have the right equipment.

24x7 Live Support

Our Support team are very friendly and experienced & are available 24/7 for your support.

Result Oriented Projects

Learn the science of results oriented thinking to help you utilize the field of possibilities in a clear direct manner.

Award Winning Support Team

We will find the need in deed for your businesses everyday.

Best ROI Techniques

ROI simply means Return On Investment. For you to know if your business is actually moving forward, it is very essential for you to check the ROI of that business.

Experienced Professionals

We have more than 5 years of experience in this digital field & our team comprises of different individuals from different companies.

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